Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant Ptd Ltd - Kolo Mee

Ate Kolo Mee at Marina Square today. This isn't my first time eating from this chain of Kolo Mee stores. The first time I ate Kolo Mee was at Chinatown, in the same chain, just that we were seated next to the main road and it was so dusty and polluted with car fumes that my tastebuds must have been blocked so I didn't think it was very good.

However, after eating it again in the nice air-con and quiet newly opened branch in Marina Square, I have decided that Kolo Mee is nice.

According to my mum, who unlike me, has visited Sarawak, this kolo mee tastes as good as the original, if not better.

The Kolo Mee comes with minced pork cooked in onion oil, charsiews and lots of healthy vegetables. There are also 2 prawns and 2 wantons in the soup. This costs $5.90.

The abalone version has the above items, just that there is additional abalone.

I especially liked the charsiew, because it was quite soft and very tasty. The mince porked is infused with onion oil, and it goes really well with the noodles, it's not too salty too. The prawn is very fresh (like Crystal Jade Freshness, I love the Prawn and Egg Hor Fun, cos the prawn is super juicy and it will spurt its prawn-juices into your mouth once you bite down).

The noodles are a bit different from maggie mee (everyone keeps saying that this noodles look like maggie mee, ramen looks like maggie mee etc etc) and is very tangy.

All their ingredients are air-flown from Sarawak.

For the more adventurous people, there is also curry kolo mee, which looks like the Singaporen Chicken Curry Noodles, just that they use the special kolo noodles for it, and not the usual yellow ones.
The wanton soup ($5.90 i think) has many many wantons. The skin is very smooth and thin, really good, but I thought that the filling was a bit too peppery for my liking.They have this Luo Han Guo and longan drink which comes in a bubble-tea like sealed cup. This is my second time drinking Luo Han Guo (which doesn't seem to have any taste, I can only taste longan and sugar) other than my other visit to the Kolo Mee store in Chinatown. Its not too sweet, and there is lots of longans and red dates inside. I think it costs between a dollar to two dollars (not sure though) Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant Pte Ltd

Marina Square Branch 02-220A Tel 63394409

HQ: 111and 113 Kiliney Rd Tel 63336693

Branch: 271 New Bridge Road Tel 65570780

Branch: Blk 190 Toa Payoh Hub #01-503 Tel 62555079

Branch: B2-38 Vivocity Tel 6270000

Branch: 5 Cheong Chin Nam Rd (opp Beauty World Centre) Tel 67626293

Branch: 193 New Bridge Road opp the Magestic Tel 62270781

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