Monday, June 25, 2007

Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate

School starts, my life sucks
No more time to go out gallivanting and eating

I've been reduced to blogging about CHOCOLATE (which, by the way, I don't quite like buying but I'll eat when people offer me) I'm sure that all the ppl who lurrve chocolate is cos they count their calories and hence chocolate is off their list, and then when they eat it it's such a luxury - it's all about association of foods to happy thoughts. Anyway, cos I was loitering around fish, I happily got something to eat too! Yay! Thanks to the chocolate giver - at least I have something to blog about :P
I was eating this before patho (just before the tutor came in - later I'll say what a sad end my chocolate came to. It's Royce (one of my fave brands of chocolate cos it's from Hokkaido and I like the $12 box they sell at Taka Food hall) but this one can't be found in Singapore (I supposed).

I like my chocolate with rice crispies inside - there's this kinder bueno chocolate that has rice crispies and you can't find it in Singapore, but it's really yummy cos it's a layer of white milk sandwiched between milk chocolate, and there's rice crispies inside.

I don't really like nuts though. So this is the best of both worlds, for people who like rice crispies and nuts.

Quote from Fish: I like my chocolate plain and unadulterated (but she'll actually eat anything just as long as you give it to her. And very happily too)

The sad end to my chocolate happened when the patho tutor walked in, gave the tutorial and placed this pot (it's a venous thrombus in the iliac vein btw)from so many eons ago onto my half opened chocolate without realising it - and so I didn't didn't finish it. Sadness:(

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