Sunday, June 6, 2010

Honeymoon Dessert 满记甜品- Vivo City

Honeymoon dessert is a pretty new Hongkong Dessert restaurant at Vivo. I've visited it twice (before it got crowded), and attempted to visit it again a third time, but I was really put off by their incredibly long queues. The seating area isn't small, yet it's immensely popular thus the long queues. Hailing from Hong Kong, Honeymoon desserts have a huge variety of desserts, including the famous Mango Pomelo Sago. Prices aren't cheap (I think it costs about $4 for the mango pomelo sago), but taste wise, it's pretty good. Desserts have been consistently good the 2 times I visited it.
Mango Pomelo Sago with additional bean curd. The bean curd doesn't really go well with it, in case you're wondering... But the mango pomelo sago itself is delicious. Chilled sweet mango, sourish pomelo segments and lots of chewy sago balls in thick mango juice and milk. Looking at the picture makes me salivate... Crappy I just visited Vivo city yesterday, but I was too stuffed from lunch to go to Honeymoon :(
Sesame and Almond paste
I really like almond paste, but eating a whole bowl of that alone can be boring. So I usually get the mixed version with sesame and almond, so I can get the best of both worlds. I think that it usually comes with a nice half white and half black pattern on top, but then I prefer almond to sesame, and I'll usually ask them to put more almond, thus I never have the half black and half white pattern on my desesrts.
The sesame paste is thick and smooth, and doesn't have the bitter or oily aftertaste which I dislike. You can also have the option of adding other goodies and toppings to your desserts. I usually add tofu to my almond cream. It has a nice soyabean taste, but had a weird texture - it's more of a gelatinous texture than the freah beancurd you get from the market.
Mung Bean Pudding ($4.30++) - it's a coconut pudding with some mung beans (like the tau suan kind of bean). This isn't my personal favourite, but my grandmother loves this and she can eat 3/4 of this on top of her dessert (pretty amazing since she's usually very cautious about her diet). I don't particularly like mung beans unless they're in tau suan, but the coconut jelly is not bad, not too sweet and it's served chilled.
Service here, when it's not so crowded, is decent and the waitresses are helpful and polite. Though the super long queues are a major put off for me.
Honeymoon Dessert
#01-93, Vivo City


Miso said...

I am going to Hong Kong soon! Heard that Honeymoon Dessert can be found easily there! Yeh!!

HungryTrotters said...

looks good, i will surely try this out. Do they have yam paste?