Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chikuwa Tei - ex-Wasabi Tei chef has been found!

Thought I'd never be able to see this familiar bowl and quiver in fear again whilst I sit and enjoy the thick slices of sashimi after I heard that the fierce Wasabi Tei chef was going to retire! Well, he's still alive and kicking, and has found himself a new spot along the densely populated food area in Mohammed Sultan Road. I was pleasantly suprised when ice messaged me and told me she hunted down the ex-Wasabi Tei chef so I scurried down within the next few days (which I thankfully was free) to grab a bite of that nostalgic chirashi. There were these tasty little morsels of Sawagani crab($15++ for seven) which potentially harbors an extremely dangerous parasite (Paragonimus westermani) but are oh so tasty and crunchy. These little crabs are shipped live to Singapore and are deep fried and seasoned lightly with salt. They're very crunchy, but please be careful when biting into them cos their sharp little legs are lethal especially when they spear your gums. (Of course, I found this out the hard way... ouch...)
The Chirashi set ($25++) which isn't that different from what you'll get at the old Wasabi Tei, just that it's now about $30 nett for the whole thing. If you count the extra $2 for the compulsary drink, it's still a whole $8 more, but you'll get 'real' service and free green tea, and proper table instead of a bar counter). I thought the sashimi wasn't that fresh and the tuna cut I got somehow had lots of fascia in between the layers of meat. Salmon was still fatty, oily and smooth, and as thick as I remembered it to be.
Hijiki seaweed appetiser - tasty and sweet, with some fried tofu.
The permanent scrowl on the chef's face has been replaced by *gasp* a SMILE of happiness as he potters about the restaurant pouring sake for his customers... Though I still have post-traumatic stress disorder when I see him walk about while I'm eating... Totally not used to the happier chef... Can't find his wife amongst his new staff tho... hope her absence hasn't got anything to do with his elevated mood... I still somehow can't bear to fork out $30 for something that used to cost $22... Though I'm really glad that there isn't that annoying queue and hushed/tense atmosphere that is associated with the Wasabi Tei experience...
Chikuwa Tei
9 Mohamed Sultan Road
Tel : +65 6738 9395 (yes! you can call to make reservations!!they are very polite and will answer your phone call)
On a sidenote: damn I've been shopping too much my first pay is dwindling at an astonishing rate!! Hope they start paying us on the 15th!! (Even though I still haven't submitted my claims >.<) I must stop eating so much or too much expensive food or shopping but there's so much to eat and even more to buy!!


red fir said...

I quite like this chirashi, sashimi fresh & thick.

alkanphel said...

Looks like you found him too! I just ate there last week, happy that he's back :D

However the one you think is his wife is actually just an assistant. Everyone thought that she was his wife, including me!

Cavalock said...

hah, so thats how the crabs are prepared. see them in that glass bowl all the time but didn't dare ask him.

maureen said...

The Sawagani crabs looks so cute, but it's too scary to bite them!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, the chef's wife is still around. I saw her just two Saturdays ago at the restaurant :)


m said...

ice: the one that I tried back at the old wasabi tei was, but not the day i went to chikuwa tei :(
alkanphel: ah it's not his wife? didn't see her at his new place... btw how do you know? did you ask him? :P
cavalock and maureen: yup it's yummy you should give it a try :D
anon: hehe just found out it's not his wife :O

Sophia (KK trip!) said...

oh my gosh! you found him!?
he used to be so fierce!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Time for a visit! Thanks for the post!

m said...

sophia: he's mellowed so much! maybe cos he hated his cramped kitchen at Far east?? :p

Tanoko said...

follow him on his FB now! :)