Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ding Tai Fung's Truffle Xiao Long Pau

Normal Xiao Long Paus Red Bean Xiao Long PausTruffle Xiao Long Paus - according to the sign, it says it's only available at Paragon, and in Taiwan, it's only available to special guests! Fortunately, we're not in Taiwan, so even a pleabian like me can eat the truffle xiao long pau ;P There's a few morsels of truffle in each pau, and it's not truffle paste. I think truffle goes really well with the xiao long pau though I won't really be hankering with more. I prefer my truffle in ang moh dishes.Truffle Xiao Long Pau s $3.80 per piece of $14.80 for 5 pieces at the Paragon outlet only.
My usual pork cutlet fried rice - I think that it's one of the few rice dishes I really like (and sushi cos it's Japanese!) Ok I shant blog about the other mediocre things that I ate during the meal like the dou miao (I like the way Ding tai fung does the veggies cos it's not over or under cooked).

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