Saturday, December 18, 2010

Smiths Fish and Chips

Smiths Fish and Chips is a much blogged and talked about Fish and Chips, ever since it was featured in the Posh Nosh Section. So we went with very very high expectations to try the Haddock ($13 for the fillet alone, and $16.50 for fillet and fries). True to the British style of eating fish and chips, the fish and chips here come served all nicely wrapped up in the parchment paper parcels and served to our table.
The haddock was nice and oily, soft and flaky, but nothing out of the ordinary. I suppose that if you live in the east and was hankering for some good fish and chips, this will be the place for you. More so if you're also hankering for a beer. I think this would have tasted superb with a nice icy cold beer (but drinking and driving are mutually exclusive).
The batter is very light but overall, the fish is oily. My parchment paper became an oil slick in no time. I really liked the malt vinegar bottles they had at each table - it's very rare to find malt vinegar available so abundantly at fish and chips stalls in Sgp...
Fries are the chunky home made kind, soggy and oozing with oil. I like! (not the oil part) I'm a soggy fries person and thus Macdonald's fries aren't my favourite kind of fries. But for people who like the golden shoe string crispy kind of fries, this is definitely not for you. The serving is more than generous and I was struggling to finish my fries (in the end I gave up and didn't so my arteries would have leeway to get clogged up by something else).
The Mushy Peas ($2 per 8oz cup) was an unexpected winner. For someone who picks out all her peas and throws it at the side of my plate or onto the tray (depending on how much peas there are in my dish, sometimes they will overflow onto my tray), I thought that I wouldn't enjoy this dish but it's really warm and hearty, and the best thing is that the peas don't even taste like peas and taste more like tasty mashed potatoes. No gross wrinkly hard peas in here, only soft mushy ones! The photo looks v unappetizing but their really good just not photogenic
The salmon cakes were pretty disappointing as I was hoping for more salmon rather than potatoes. It was extremely herby and peppery but at $7 for 2 cakes, the price was slightly too steep.
I think perhaps it was so overhyped that I had higher expectations for it. Though I loved the mushy peas (must try!) the fish wasn't something that I'd be hurrying back for more - I think Fisherios (sp?) at the Taka basement food court does a decent rendition of the fish and chips and they even have beer batter.
The chef (husband and wife?) duo are really friendly and smiley! Service with a smile wins extra points anytime! Sadly there weren't any pickled eggs left -only pickled onions

Smiths Fish and Chips
230 Tanjong katong road

Btw I've only realized after my expedition to Smiths Fish and Chips that I've never been to Tanjong Katong. And Smiths Fish and Chips faces TKGS! It's the same green as their uniform... A good landmark for Smiths is the Carltex station. Smiths is across the road.

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red fir said...

I love mushy peas! Smiths' fish & chips are awesome.