Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woori Nara - Korean Fried Chicken

As usual I have been busy at work - my youth is being stucked out of me and I feel like I'm 10 years older compared to last year :( Hopefully I don't look so old but I defnitely feel less adventerous and I have been sticking to my usual favourite food places and hardly venturing out and trying new and exciting foods.

So on my usual to eat list I have Itacho and Akashi and Ootoya for Japanese, Noodle House Ken for ramen, Old town Wanton mee and the blueberry smoothie for most of my lunches. I'm growing to become a boring person!

I have been having a recent craving for fried chicken, and just yesterday I went to Ion and ate Popeyes instead of my usual Itacho (partly because the queue was insane). Anyway, I shall aim to go and try somewhere new and exciting this Friday... Woori Nara is located at Upper Bukit Timah Road (near Udders) and is this Korean fried chicken place which, according to Posh Nosh in Urban, serves one of the best fried chicken.
Being a Korean restaurant, they gave us the usual spread of Korean starters (free too!)

We had the fried chicken sampling platter which has 3 flavours - the original (front), some soy and garlic (right) and the spicy chicken (left). I particularly liked the spicy one, which wasn't very spicy at all (just right for my pathetic chili tolerance). I particularly liked the sweet mustard sauce in the middle. The chicken really didn't live up to my high expectations, but since it's nearby and reasonably priced, I won't mind dropping in again, but please don't travel across half of Singapore to try this chicken.
The seafood pancake wasn't very outstanding and I found it a bit too floury. And the seafood was very scarce.

The Bibimbap - nothing spectacular either.

Dumpling and rice cake soup - I ordered this one cos I wanted to try the rice cakes, which I didn't like in the end. The rice cakes were mushy and didn't have the mochi texture like I had imagined it to have.

We ajourned to the neighbouring Udders solely because there's a lack of good dessert places in that area. The waffle smells much better than it looks.

This is the end of my depressing post - I'm feeling super sian cos I have to do call tmr and we are overflowing everywhere and my annual leave is in 2 months time but I really feel like having a holiday now.

Woori-Nara Korean Restaurant

19 Lorong Kilat

#01-02 Singapore 598120

Tel: 6464 9282

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sarah said...

if you like korean style fried chicken, try kko kko nara at tras street! it is one of the better ones around. :)