Friday, September 2, 2011

Space @ my Humble House

Hello everyone who is bored enough to come to my dying blog. I've been eating lots of good food (my to eat list is getting longer and longer everyday!) but I've been procrastinating more! Somehow, my job doesn't pay me enough to get stressed but it seems like I've been stressing over it everyday! :( And I'm reminded how lousy my Chinese and how successful LKY is in abolishing all dialects in Sgp... But seriously, I really really really cannot understand how someone living in Sgp their whole lives can only speak ONE language (dialect! especially the rarer ones like Hakka and Hainanese!) How do they buy bread or roti prata or any other dishes for that matter?

Anyway, the pictures below have been edited with Lightroom as opposed to my usual Paintshop Pro 7 (which is so outdated!) I've been inspired by my colleague to learn how to utilize my totally underutilized macbook pro (which costs slightly less than my upcoming holiday).
Space@my Humble House is the poor sister of My Humble House where one can get local fare with a modern twist. Here's the Laksa with oyster and scallop and a very un-spicy but fragrant soup. Laksa again, and very expensive XO Carrot Cake with scallops and prawns. I found the chunks of carrot cake too large and floury. Smaller pieces = more surface area = tastier carrot cake.
Their famous Chicken Rice - I'm not a fan of chicken rice and the last time I ate chicken rice was when I was on call and didn't have any other choice. I suppose it's the thought that counts and it was free...
Their Herbal Jelly with Aloe Vera and lime juice. The aloe vera comes pre-marinated with lime juice but I was really dying to eat the Herbal Jelly. Big mistake cos the aloe vera is really very well marinated with lime juice and I hate anything citrus mixed in my food.
Their nice simple decor with green apples. And I now suddenly recall why I ate here - went to watch this magic show called Vsion which is staged by our very own local talent - it really exceeded my expectations - they managed to make a Lotus appear.

8 Raffles Avenue
Esplanade Mall
Tel 64231881

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