Sunday, February 19, 2012

Har jeong Kai nuggets

Was around in the Ghost town orchard central today when I walked past everything with fries (EwF) and saw this poster. Couldn't resist trying the har jeong Kai (prawn paste chicken) nuggets.

EwF has just made fast food tastier and even more tempting by making a boneless version of everyones favourite Tze char dish.

It smells great and makes your mouth water when you take a whiff of it; and it's fried on the spot so you'll get a piping hot box of these nuggets.
It comes with honey mayonnaise which is pretty mediocre but the chicken is soft and tender and unlike the Tze char ones, you won't need to pick the meat off the bones.

Taste is good though it's really oily it should come with the warning label "heart attack in a box".
I think EwF is doing much better than its counterpart Loola's - tried the one at Esplanade last month and it was quite dissappointing.

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Xinli said...

wow har jeong kai nuggets O.o something new to try at Orchard Central!

adel said...

now I know what to buy from this shop that I passed million times :)