Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I'm back after gorging myself on restaurant week - tried 3 restaurant week restaurants (out of which 2 are worth mentioning) and ate out in restaurants x2 more so now I'm broke but my tummy is very happy.

Just a short pictorial post cos I really can't remember how much everything cost (not cheap) but since I've taken the photos I might as well put it up).
Went to Kinki a loooong while back
Century egg and tofu with crabmeat
Sashimi platter - very fresh but very expensive
Tempura soba
Okonomiyaki - I didn't quite like this one cos the base reminded me of pizza-crust but taste wise it's good
Garlic fried rice - my ultimate favourite
Miso cod - not bad but the portion was rather small (seems to be the trend with new restaurants nowadays)
This was my peach drink which was sweet and refreshing but too little alcohol.
The bar on top is really nice and has a view of MBS. The decor reminds me of those dirty old pubs but it's really very nice and clean and breezy.

Kinki Restaurant and Bar
70 Collyer Quay #02-02
Customs House
Singapore 049323
Tel 6533 3471

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