Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sushi Tei seasonal tuna special

I was pleasantly surprised to find this steal at sushi tei - it's their seasonal special of sardines (the white stuff) with negi toro (the minced tuna on the left) and Chu toro (mid range fatty tuna) for $14++ if only they did it without the sardines it would be perfect. The sardines are an expensive version of the local market variety small white fish and not very impressive at all. I got the egg and sardines which was really unpalatable and I didnt finish it.

I'm really craving for 2 random foods now. One will be Thai Express prawn toast which is superbly unhealthy deep fried and soaked in oil but it's very savory and nice and crispy. This is totally random cos I've only eaten it once but somehow the thought popped into my head and I can't get rid of the craving. The other is for a slice of Chocolate Origins cake which is the best value for money chocolate cake but no way in a thousand years am I going to trudge across half of Singapore after work to get it. Perhaps on Saturday if I get enough sleep on Friday!
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