Saturday, March 23, 2013

Matsuo - Lunch

The only redeeming factor for P_ _ _ is that I can trot out for lunch and get to eat what I feel like eating. The walk to Matsuo 12min (round trip!) if I'm by myself and since their service is so quick I can get my lunch, buy Gong Cha and get back in record time. Of course, I'm not the world's slowest eater ;p

I like their lunch sets - Mondays and Fridays is Chirashi don days.

Comes with a piece each of salmon, tuna (one fatty, one normal), cooked prawn, sweet prawn, sword fish, eel, hamachi and half a scallop and tamago. Their rice is always consistently good.

The set comes with chawanmushi on top of the miso soup and watermelon. Mondays and Fridays are the best days! Plus they're not too crowded once it hits 1+pm cos the office crowd usually disperses by then.

Tuesday is eel (never made it out on Tuesday) 

Wednesday is tempura udon and sushi. 
 I liked the tamago with the eel - but not the maki (top right).
 Tempura udon with prawn, carrot and mushroom. Lots of carbs - guaranteed to be sleepy after lunch...

Lunch sets are $22 (after taxes) and comes with miso soup and fruits. (Except Thursdays cos it's beef teppanyaki and it's $15++ if I'm not wrong).

There's a cheaper alternative for Japanese lunch sets in the Hokkaido Fish Market in Square 2 but the lunch sets are super limited (12-1 only, and very limited quantity) so I've only managed to go there successfully for lunch once, and that was nearly 5-6 months back...

1 Goldhill Plaza
#01-17 Goldhill Plaza
Tel 63562603

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