Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Went to Prego (a while back) after watching Toy Factory's The Crucible - could never finish the book last time but I guess the play is much easier to watch! I guess that my school never did that book for O levels cos of the themes :/ Pretty sad that most of the sec school students don't do literature anymore - it was really fun and I suppose that with the half humanities, it makes more sense to do history and social studies, and since geog is purely a mugging subject. But lit was really fun (though as usually, it's teacher dependent!) 
The soft fluffy bagel like bread with rosemary which I couldn't get enough of! It's served with this creamy cheese with pesto sauce (seen in the back) and butter. I ate 2 of these and was so stuffed... such a sucker for restaurant bread...
I had the dinner set which was like $55++ (I think, was quite a while ago but I can't remember exactly). Came with a tomato soup which was pretty average. 
 Some cheesey thing which I found quite salty, though I did enjoy the tomato sauce.
 Cod fish with artichoke and mashed potatoes - not bad and I really like artichoke hearts! Though steaming a whole artichoke and then de-leafing it sounds like a rather daunting task I do wish to do it some day...
 The set dinner dessert - this was some chocolate cake with raspberry and yuzu or something along those lines. They kindly allowed me to swap the dessert for tiramisu since I don't take citrus.
The tiramisu was really good - would come back to eat this if I'm in the area. Haven't had good tiramisu for quite a while...
Smoked salmon and capers thin crust pizza - not bad but most places can do a pretty decent pizza so this was only average. 

Service was good, as expected. Extra points cos good service is hard to find nowadays.

Level 1 Fairmont Singapore


LiquidShaDow said...

Those round cheesey things are probably spinach and ricotta gnocchi.

yixiao said...

Agree with your extra points for good service. Maybe we shouldn't complain so much about poor service but praise good service more often :)

Anonymous said...

lit is fun and trains critical thinking, something that geog and history cannot do. A pity. The government should do something about it.

m said...

Liquidshadow: thanks! the name slipped my mind
Yixiao: yup! hard to find these days!
rerg: I think the new format for history sort of does the job too but I think I like lit more!