Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Post-(previous)-call breakfast at Hatched. There's not many breakfast places which open early (meaning at about 9am) on weekdays. I suppose that the rest of the world is either sleeping in or working, so it doesn't really make economical sense to open a restaurant so early...

My Sir Eggs Benedict - which is one up against other eggs benedict cos it comes with ham AND bacon. The lean back bacon lookalike is the black forest ham, which I like, and streaky normal bacon (which I donated away), as well as their signature mashed potatoes topped with creamy mushroom sauce and an obligatory side salad. 

Le Rossini
Luxurious foie gras and scrambled eggs. The foie gras was really fatty oily and a of a very generous portion and sprinkled with sea salt. Really filling portion.

The Eiderdown
French Brioche toast with baked eggs, cheese, bacon and eggs. Oozy cheesey goodness with a spoonful of pesto.

Okkkkk somehow my waffle photo is missing! From my visit eons ago, I remember liking the waffle very much - it's the simple bakery store kind of waffle griddle with a great waffle batter base which isn't too floury or cakey, more like a kueh kind of texture. It comes with maple syrup and berry sauce but no more salted caramel cheesecake ice cream :'( It's still as nice but salted caramel ice cream would have made it even better. (Looking at my last post, I realize that I've degenerated to using my iphone for all my photos on this blog, no longer dragging my dslr out cos its too cumbersome and heavy! Sluggy ++++)

26 Evans Road
Evans Lodge


Bern said...

oh hatched is open again? will pop by soon!

kr said...

stoppppp being slugggyyyyyyyy lol