Monday, April 8, 2013

Kitchenette - More breakfast-ses

Kitchenette starts serving breakfast at 9am - one of the earlier places around so I managed to grab breakfast there a couple of times when I started work later. It actually opens at 830am for those who want to grab a coffee and pastry but their warm breakfasts start at 9am.
The blood sausage (it's all pork) which doesn't taste as bloody, just looks very black, with poached eggs.
Coffee (not mine!). Acc to my friend and colleagues, the coffee at La Ristrettos is much better but since the food there was barely passable the last time I went, I'll stick to Kitchenette!

The waffle breakfast - which looks super filling. I think I'll get this if I'm massively hungry next time!

Their breakfasts are so awesome, tasty and affordable. I'm so glad that it's near my workplace, since convenience is of prime importance to me.

Kitchenette (Novena)
51 Goldhill Plaza
#01-01 Goldhill Plaza
Tel 63527484

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