Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

A bit outdated post - went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse before I flew off the Sri Lanka cos my sister was having carnivorous cravings. I brought my DSLR out but FML someone attached the kit lens instead of my prime lens so the photo taking gave me lots of grief especially since the place was so dark.

 Just so that you know, the mains here are really just mains, and there's absolutely no sides. Sides like fries, potatoes, asparagus, mushrooms etc come separately and costs about $20+ for each side.

Whipped butter

 Crab cakes were ok - for $35 for 2 pieces it's quite steep (just like the rest of their prices). Though it's really nice to eat crab without peeling off the shells. And it comes with this fragrant butter sauce.

 The steak (I can't remember what the rest of my family ate but I know one was some wagyu and the other one was prime ribeye?)
I don't know which was which but it's really a massive piece of beef. According to the website, they have a broiler which can reach up to 1000 degrees Celsius (just enough to incinerate prions!).

My lovely thick lamb cutlets - the only reason why it's so thick is because it's actually 2 lamb ribs but they just cut off one, so it looks really thick. Not that I'm complaining cos it's so thick and juicy, and very lightly seasoned so the taste really comes through. 

 Pink and succulent! Comes with mint sauce too.

I really liked how the food comes on extremely hot places (so hot that they should come with a label saying 'caution! Hot!') and they coat the plates with a thin layer of butter and seasoning.
Potato au gratin ($25) - frankly, I think that $25 for this is really overpriced. It's cheesy ++ and has lots of soft fluffy potatoes inside.
 The awesome cheesecake with sour cream ($25) it's quite a big portion, but then again, I don't think it's worth the $25 price tag. Even though it was really delicious - luscious cream cheese with a layer of sour cream and a graham cookie crust. The portion is really big and after our mains, we only managed to finish 3/4 of it (though the remnant 1/4 didn't last long in our fridge...)

Since I don't eat beef, I thought that this was not really worth it (for me, at least), but the rest of my family had a great time eating their massive beef steaks. Fortunately none of us have gout. Despite the high prices, it was pretty crowded when I went on Friday, so do make a booking to avoid disappointment. 

I'm definitely biased but I don't think I"ll come here by myself since I don't think the price tag is justifiable. Perhaps I'm more inclined to spend the same amount of money on Japanese food, but not lamb chops. Though the steak lovers might beg to differ.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse
6 Raffles Boulevard
Level 4 Marina Mandarin Hotel
Tel 6336909

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