Saturday, June 1, 2013

MAD - Modern Asian Diner at the Grandstand

Ok I'm back after a month's hiatus - busy holidaying (awesomeness) and work (not so awesome but tolerable) and studying (the most unfun thing ever cos when I read stats, I feel like some of my friends who used to read the street directory upside down :/).
Went to MAD at the Grandstand a while ago, before most of the shops were opened. Actually, this was one of my friend's failed attempts to try Valentinos (couldn't get through the line, and when we went there it was booked full - and this was on a weekday...)
 Ipad menu - seems to be the latest fashion
Basically, it's a mash up of Chinese, western/fusion and pastries from a bakery.
 Custard pau -
The dim sum is priced on the high side, think it's like 4-5 bucks per order but I don't think the quality justifies it.
 Yam pastry and some prawn beancurd roll - passable but also not worth the price.
 The western menu fared much better -the ribs (I think it was about $28) were sticky, smokey and fell right off the bone. The zesty cabbage salad was a great palate cleanser.
 We tried the paella (I think this was chicken, for about $25 bucks?) - came in an impressive pan and some onion cream sauce. Great texture - with the
 This potato dish from the tapas menu was a disappointment - potato cubes with some very dismal and forgettable dressing.
 One of my friends came a bit later and ordered the grilled chicken. It was really aromatic and the marinade reminded me of bbq stingray (minus the sambal). However, for $24, it was a really tiny piece of half chicken.
The cheese cake ($10) was really impressive, from its luscious texture to its glossy (and what I think was) apple jelly top. Paired with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, it was a sweet ending to the meal.

Generally, the food here, like the rest of Bukit Timah is on the high side, but then again for the convenience and free parking, I think I won't mind coming back. I think the western menu was much more value for money - with exception to the tiny chicken. 

Would come back to try Bar Stories - I've been hearing pretty good things about them and also since I'm not trudging down to Haji Lane to their main bar cos it's so inaccessible... 

200 Turf Club Road
#01-20/21 The Grandstand
Tel 64663303

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