Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Drawing Room - Weekday High Tea

 Post call high teas are the best - and even better if it's a weekday.
Actually, it was a hard fight between W hotel's high tea and St Regis, but for the location, St Regis trumps it. I think I narrowed down the high tea locations to these two because of the earlier timings and not many hotels have weekday high tea buffets.
 Assortment of TWG teas

 It's a buffet with replenish-able items from the three tiered high tea stand and buffet area. I didn't like the chicken pot pie (on top) - then again I'm not a big fan of pastries (with the exception of TBB's chocolate croissant)
The chicken pie and salmon quiche were very unremarkable. 

I'm such a sucker for high teas and the highlight for me is the very quintessential cucumber sandwich. I must confess that whenever I make my high tea bookings, the first question I would ask is if they have plain cucumber sandwiches.  These are the innards of the cucumber sandwich - they've removed the seeds from the tomato so that the sandwich won't get soggy. The cucumber and tomatoes are sliced so finely that they look translucent. There's also a thin layer of cream cheese. Somehow, I can't seem to make my cucumber sandwiches taste as good as those found at high tea buffets. 

I think I could eat tons of this but it's such a waste of calories... Plus they get digested so quickly I get hungry again! I think the other sandwiches were smoked salmon and minced chicken but none of them were as good as the cucumber sandwich (of course I am biased). 
 5 types of scones, including truffle scone. There was also a duck scone which had some dried out pieces of duck, and didn't go well with the other condiments...
Clotted cream to clog up my arteries. Somehow I thought it tasted best with the truffle scone <3 p="">
Different jams.
Preserved meats, smoked salmon and sushi
The cheese selection - I really like the kikorgani cheese. It's from New Zealand and is a blue cheese but it is extremely creamy and soft. And it just won the 2013 Champions cheese award in Auckland. I wonder where to buy it from (Other than the cellar door, which sells it in 1kg - way too much for me)...
 Desserts galore - the desserts look better than they taste, but perhaps it's just diminishing returns.
 There was also a crepe station (either sweet or savory) and ice cream :D
The ambience was great - it was quiet so we got a table facing the pool, and there was a pianist in the restaurant area itself.

Perhaps it's time to visit the 10@ Scotts again, which really impressed me the last time I was there (really long ago!)

The Drawing Room
29 Tanglin Road
Level 1 the St Regis
T 65066888

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