Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cakes from Food for Thought

The Red Chocolate Cake has a delectable thick and lucious layer of cream cheese icing. Which is fantastic since I love cream cheese icing (I'll like Cedele's Carrot Cake cos of the cream cheese icing).
If I'm not wrong, the chocolate gets its reddish hue when the baking mixture is more acidic (checked this up, it's made by adding vinegar to the mixture, so it's acetic acid).
I thought that the chocolate cake tasted weirdly salty? But maybe it's just my tastebuds or something (can't confirm this, cos my brother ta-paoed the cake and so I ate it myself).

The chocolate banana cake's much nicer than the Secret Recipe one (Secret Recipe doesn't serve water, so I'm not going there!). The chocolate balls on top have some syrupy thing inside, and the banana is insanely moist and it isn't a soggy mess. The chocolate icing, chocolate mousse and chocolate cake paired with banana is a chocolate lover's dream come true. I think I'll definitely get more of this when I'm in that area. To read up more about Food For Thought, go to ieatishootipost's website - he has a much more detailed write up than mine. Plus, I've never actually been to the restaurant myself.
Food for Thought
420 North Bridge Road
#01-06 North Bridge Centre
Tel: +65 6338 8724

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