Monday, September 14, 2009

Skinny Pizza

I've finally tried skinny pizza. Part of the reason was that it's so inconvenient to trudge down to Suntec city, and I didn't want to patronize House.

Had the tuna tataki and the squid ink pizza from House. I think it's really not my kind of pizza (I like the thin crust kind, but it can't be too crispy), but the toppings are great! It's like eating nice pizza toppings on top of a chapati.

I liked the tuna tataki cos it came with a sweetish dressing, creamy avocados and rum infused raisins (yum!). The bitter rocket leaves which I don't usually like went really well with the sweet stuff. And the whole pizza is dry-ish (no sticky cheese) and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. I sure I can eat one of these things all by myself:D The squid ink pizza has squid ink sauce in the chapati, huge pieces of chewy marinated squid, sprinkled with parmesan and topped with rocket. Though it wasn't as sweet as the tuna tatki, I really enjoyed biting into the squid.

Do note that they only serve the pizzas before 6pm (or something like that)
*Edit: They serve pizzas till 10ish now! Good for the working people - don't have to rush :)

8D Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672
Tel: 6475-778

Thanks to Claire for the pizzas! :)


Anonymous said...

heyy, House serves the pizzas after 6pm :) and so does Skinny Pizza at Suntec.


claire said...

oh myy mich i havent had time to visit your blog in ages no thanks to SIP!! anyway, house now seves the pizzas till 10-ish :) and there's the 3rd outlet coming up in wheelock. guess they're doing pretty well!