Thursday, June 5, 2008


The following is a rant about HOUSE @ Dempsey:
Went to try house with my friends on a Wednesday Night. This isn't my first time there (went there previously for a spa esprit event as well as for tea), but it was my first time going for dinner and drinks. I must say that this is the worst restaurant/bar of the year.
By the time we sat down and started looking at the menu, it was around 8.55pm. We asked the waiter (who wasn't even fluent in English - had to ask hime a few times...) for the 1-for-1 drinks (from 5pm to 9pm), and he wasn't sure if we could have it at the restaurant area, (according to the first waiter, it was only valid at the pub area). So after a few mins, before he came back, we checked with another waitress. She wasn't too clear on it either. The first waiter came back and informed us that we can't have the 1-for-1 drinks at the restaurant area, even though every table in the dining area had a broucher advertising the 1-for-1 drinks. When we finally caught hold of the manager, the manager very unhelpfully said "TOO BAD it's past 9 and the offer is over" (the too bad was in his own words!!!) Of course it'll be past nine if we had to go through 3 people just to check if we could have the drinks with our dinner!!!!!

'Best' of all, they gave us the drinks menu at the restaurant area. If you can't have drinks at the restaurant, then what's the point of giving us the menu? Ridiculous!
So after that, we went to bar area - where my friend ordered a $22 'Mint berry gin freeze' which supposedly, and I say supposedly, has 'bombay sapphire gin, fresh berries, mint, pressed lemon, and berry liquor. As far as all of us could taste, there was hardly even a drop of alcohol inside. And all for $22 bucks too! In any other bar, for $22, you'll be expecting at least something which tastes alcoholic, but the drink tasted more like a mocktail. (AND the person drinking this drink was actually scared that it'll be too strong since we were all driving).

On top of that, their drinks menu is sadly very very very limited to a few house speciality cocktails and wines. They have lots of other hard liquors, but then they only come in shots ($10 per shot). When we asked if they could do a simple mix for us (specifically an Amaretto Sour) we were told that the bartender wasn't allowed to mix anything other than those drinks on the menu. We were like HUH isn't this supposed to be a bar?????

I will definitely not go back to house, camp or barracks!!! Definitely NO. On my previous 2 visits, I found the food mediocre and the service passable. But not for this time. I will never recommend anyone to go to House or Camp - it's just a pretentious bunch of people running the place. In fact, I will strongly recommend people not to patronise this place.
These are the 'famed' truffle oil fries ($6++) but that day, there was only a smattering of truffle oil - hardly even enough to detect on sniffing. I see that they've become very stingy on their truffle oil since my last visit. It is completely not wroth it to pay $6 for such a small portion of fries with hardly any truffle oil.This is the macadamia crusted pumpkin with arugula salad ($15++) which was mediocre and not worth having again since it is so expensive.

This place gets ZERO out of five stars.

Camp @ House (Dempsey House)
8D Dempsey Road
Singapore 249672
Phone: +65 6475 7787


stef said...

that berry drink looks quite nasty with bits of mint and berry in it - to think it cost you $22! yikes. sorry for the bad experience!

yak simian said...

i dont think its that bad. the food's pretty good. the truffle oil fries tasted like they were doused with kerosone though, but i dont think it deserves 0 out of 5 stars.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I didn't realise that the picture with a jar full of some watery liguid with some leaves in it was the $22 drink. It looks like a poison potion my 6 year old makes!