Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ice Cream Gallery

Another east side entry...
Ice Cream Gallery is one of those numerous ice cream parlours popping up around Singapore. But, I'm happily blogging about this because it has Teh Halia Ice Cream. Iced Teh Halia is my fave drink - if I'm passing Adam Road Hawker Centre, I'll always think of the yummy Teh Halia and Halia Susu (Ginger milk - for those days that I need to sleep early and can't afford the caffeine). So, when I saw that they had Teh Halia ice cream, I was very happy - and I would have ordered a tub, only that they didn't even have enough for 2 scoops.The Teh Halia ice cream has lots of candied ginger bits inside, and they're really nice to chew on. However, I thought that the tea taste of the Teh Halia ice cream could be slightly stronger - it tasted more like Halia Susu, but since I like all gingery drinks, I still liked the ice cream overall.This is the brandied cherry ice cream - juicy bits of brandied cherry (with lots of alcohol) embedded in a creamy ice cream. ($3.50 per scoop) Other flavours they had that day were vanilla, strawberry, brandied cherry etc etc. It costs $3 for a scoop, $4.60 for a double scoop and $6 for triple. For the alcoholic flavours, such as rum and raisin (their best seller), brandied cherry etc, there is a surcharge of 50 cents per scoop.

The ice cream sold here is homemade, with reduced fat sugar and fresh ingredients.

Outlet: 20 Eastwood Road
#01-13 Eastwood Centre
Singapore 486442
Tel 62462926

Main Branch: 491 River Valley Road
#01-20 Valley Point
Singapore 248371
Tel 62350870

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