Saturday, June 7, 2008

Akashi - Orchard Parade Hotel

I've just eaten the best Jap meal I've ever had in my life :D After that horrible incident with Akashi (Tanglin Shopping Centre) during Mother's day, I'm glad to say that Akashi has redeemed itself. (*edits on the food, thanks to ice :D)
Small animals are yummy!
Kanpachi in sesame sauce, topped with crispy bits of brown stuff.
Next, we had a momotaro and a yellow tomato each. They were sprinkled with coarse salt which balanced the sweetnes of the tomato. The yellow one is incredibly sweet.
This is a pseudo-onsen tamago (pseudo since there aren't any onsens in S'pore... but alot of other restaurants serve this) with some queer vegetables (can't rem the name) and uni (sea urchin). Onsen Tamago, or hot spring eggs are traditionally eggs cooked in hot springs, and the yolk is slightly hardened whilst the egg white is soft and runny. Makes me think of a microwaved egg since it's cooked from the inside... Of course, it's inside a martini glass so you're meant to slurp it down. Yum!
These are the Sawagani, little crabs that you usually see happily sealed inside packets in Iseatan. They're very small and can be eaten in one chomp. I just did a bit of reasearch online - it's pretty interesting to find that what I've learnt in microbiology has an application. When we were taught about Paragonimus westermani , and it being transmitted by uncooked crabs, I was wondering why the heck people won't cook their crabs well - all the crabs recipes I know of requires the crab being cooked throughly... there have been cases where people developed Paragonimus after ingesting undercooked Sawagani crabs.
2 sawagani crabs each - the crab has a shatteringly crispy shell, and a juicy interior. Beats all the insitant packet snacks I've tried... The legs are very pokey though, so open your mouth big big and don't scratch your face!Fugu jerky with roe mayonnaise. The sweetened meat was soft and chewy, but didn't really have much taste - just that it went really well with the mayo. Our first sashimi dish - Aji (mackerel). The mackerel tastes better with ponzu sauce, as opposed to the usual shoyu with grated ginger and spring onions. The bones were later deep fried and served as a snack.Sashimi platter - with snapper, otoro and salmon belly. Tuna simmered in stock. The part used was the part between the head and the jaw or something like that... very fatty, soft and melt in the mouth. Hope the omega 3 fatty acids can zoom to my brain and make me smarter!
Aburi Salmon belly sushi - some of the delicious fats melt and the oil trickles down into the rice.
Botan Ebi (big head prawn)Deep fried prawn head - don't waste any part of the fish :D
Hirame (flounder) Fin sushi - very ex and coveted.
Shime Saba (Vinegared Mackerel)
Seared Aburi Toro sushi - like the salmon, the oils oozed into the rice and made everything so yummy.
Uni sushi - unis are my favouritest shellfish in the world! They are soft, wobbly and sweet and tastes of the sea. But beware - stale uni looks like diarrhoea and taste like crap.
Hamachi (yellowtail) soup with clams. The clams were soft and tender, and and gave the soup a slight metallic taste and sweetness.
This is the first time I'm trying the Japanese musk melon - I've only tried the $6 Thailand-grown-Japanese-strain musk melon from NTUC so far. The juice spurts out and the aroma of the melon is fantastic. I think all Japanese fruits are delicious - strawberries, grapes (taste like Qoo drink!), peaches, tomatoes, cucumber ahhh I wanna live in a farm in Japan and eat all the food :D:D:D
The counter was empty when we came at 6.30pm, but filled up and the place was packed by 8pm. The branch at Orchard Parade Hotel was actually set up because Tanglin Shopping Center was rumoured to go enblock. Akashi Orchard Parade Hotel beats Tanglin shopping Centre hands down - even though they're just next door to each other.The chef Don Goh who fed us the delicious food.
Michellelim star rating:

Because it's so ex and now my tastebuds won't be satisfied by just Cha Soba at Akashi anymore.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant
1 Tanglin Road, #01-01A
Orchard Parade Hotel
Singapore 247905
Tel 67324438

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