Monday, January 21, 2008


I love eating Cha Soba! Even though I didn't quite like eating cold savoury foods last time but the cha soba from Akashi is really very good!! In one month i have eaten at Akashi 3 times and had the same Cha Soba dish at 2 different outlets (Paragon and Vivocity) and the standard is the same for both.
It's perfect for those super super hot days when you really don't want to eat a bowl of hot noodles, and the seaweed is so crunchy and the roasted sesame seeds are so fragrant. And the cha soba akashi serves is really good cos all the noodles are al dente and not like those sorry soggy limp versions that they serve elsewhere (ie Ichiban Boshi).
Actually, I haven't eaten cha soba from alot of other places - I've tried Ichiban Boshi and Sushi Tei and they weren't very impressive, but I shall now go around trying all the other cha sobas from other restaurants to see if there are cheaper and just as good cha sobas as Akashi :D It's very hard on my bank account - lucky got CNY coming round the corner!

The cha soba that I've been eating comes as a set, it's $16++ for lunch and $20++ for dinner - don't ask me why it's so much more ex for dinner (esp if you include the taxes) cos the portions are exactly the same. And they serve it with a quail's egg too. (It hasn't occured to me to ask if they serve cha soba alone without the sushi - but I shall go and check the next time I have my cha soba fix).


Hohoho i've got the most brilliant way to save money - i went to cold storage and bought cha soba so i can make it at home! and found a recipe on the internet too! woohoo! i shall go and make it tmr! it's so much cheaper but hope it tastes the same :D:D

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claire said...

cha soba at Jap Association is nice too! it's about $14 :)