Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Botak Jones Clementi

After such a horrendously long time I've finally tried Botak Jones @ Clementi. My brother was talking about it so many times but then it used to be so crowded and gross and I hate queing up for my food. We were talking about Botak Jones (the lunch place at M4A when everyone burst out laughing... only chpgroup2 ppl will know this :P) This is my favouritest Caesar Salad ever! Personally, I think that the secret to a good caesar salad is good caesar salad dressing, and of course reasonably fresh romaine lettuce. According to their menu they use real anchovies for the sauce. I once saw this cooking program (probably on discovery travel and living) where they made caesar salad dressing - it's something like you use a wooden ladel and keep stirring the garlic and anchovies till they're all mashed up into a paste and then you add other stuff like egg and oil. How tiring. This caesar salad comes with real turky bacon bits, not those sorry little dehydrated light brown stuff that comes from a bottle. There's also croutons and generous amounts of parmesan cheese. They're really generous with the dressing too. The dressing goes quite well with the fries...
It costs only $5 no gst or taxes cos it's in a coffeeshop - very reasonable and yummy! Next time I shall dapao this home :D

This is Fish's Fish and Chips. Before I talk about her Fish and Chips (which, of course, I sampled for this blog :P), I shall talk about Fish, the expert in Clementi. Fish has been to Botak Jones @ Clementi before, and the night before we planned our expedition to Botak Jones, she said "aiyah won't get lost lah it's CLEMENTI" But then, it was also Fish - so obviously... fortunately not lost for like 45 min, 98 petrol is really expensive now...

The fish and chips ($6.50) are the breaded kind (not the kind tt i like - I like the smooth light batter kind) and comes with nicely seasoned fries and coleslaw. I've learnt something in their menu - Pacific dory = more ex dory and Cream Dory = Cheaper dory. They use the pacific kind though my tastebuds aren't discerning enough to taste any difference :/ The tartare sauce they use is quite different - there isn't bits of pickles inside but there's these black dots (is that pepper??) and it tastes even better than the usual tartare sauce cos it's not so sour.

This is my Cajun Chicken Burger ($6.50) comes with a buttered toasted sesame bun and a juicy chicken breast coated in Spicy and quite salty cajun sauce. It's quite tangy and I was so super full after eating my Caesar Salad and stealing Fish's fries and fish.

Next time I want to try the Rosemary Lamb Chops! Its $11.50 and everyone knows that this month I am trying to save money!!!! The sadness of being "salaried". Ahhh I want CNY to faster come so I can earn money! And my next salary will come at start of Feb! Woohoo! Lots of cheaper food places coming up in my next few posts :D

Block 325 Clementi Ave 5 (Kopitiam)

#01- 129 Singapore 120325

Phone / Fax: 677-41-225

Everyday 11:30 noon til 10:00 pm

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woohoo! a singaporean foodblog. Thanks for sampling and hope to come back to read more of your reviews.