Thursday, January 24, 2008

haato - The Elusive Milk Ice Cream

Finally I got to try the hard to get MILK ice cream which the Ridgewood condo place didn't have (due to unpopularity - why ??? it's so good!! - maybe it's cos of the name? people dun wanna take ice cream cos it's supposed to taste of milk alr? hmmmmmm......)

It's really delicious everyone should try this cup of creamy goodness ($4.50 for 2 flavours - ex but it's still cheaper than Venezia which I used to be crazy over but it's too commercialized after my 7 years of patronage).

Liang Court Shopping Centre

177 River Valley Road,

Meidi-Ya Supermarket,

Unit B1-50

(tel 6337 8835 / fax 6337 8835)

Opening hrs: Daily 10am - 10pm5


ice said...

looks yummy! is the other flavor strawberry yogurt? :)

m said...

yup it is! forgot to mention it in my post... I really like milk and strawberry yoghurt, always can't decide so I end up buying 2 scoops :D