Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tampopo - Pork Cutlets

Tampopo doesn't have my cheese gratin pork cutlet anymore! Crispy juicy pork cutlet drenched with gooey cheese and mushrooms no more! And it was $20 for the set. Sigh! And after that I didn't buy the item that I went all the way down to Liang Court for!!! Oh no my memory is so poor i hope all the (few) pharmaco facts I've been stuffing in to my brain doesn't fly out too!This is my Cheese Pork Cutlet Set, ($19+) which comes with rice, miso soup, pickles, fruit and free flow salad. It was a tough choice between the Mentai (some fish roe which I like) Pork Chop and this. I would probably go back and try the Mentai one soon cos it's a seasonal special ($21++). The pork is juicy and tender and doesn't have the porky smell.

Hmm some dish my brother ate forgot to check what it was but reminds me of Sun and Moon...

Tampopo means dandelion or daffodil or some other D flower (but not daisy!) in Japanese :D

Liang Court ,

B1 Mediya Supermarket


Jas said...

Tampopo has a very good custard pudding at its deli. You can try it out if you're around the liang court area..


m said...

hello jas! I love the milk pudding with caramel sauce (used to keep going Tampopo at one point just to eat it) and the cotton cake I haven't had it for quite a while though...