Wednesday, January 23, 2008

tcc - Rose Coffee

Ah I havent had coffee for eons and now I'm addicted to tcc's Rose Coffee (it's by the unappetising name of "Rose Juliet" or something liddat -_-)
Of course, the iced one is mine and the hot one is for cold intolerant Pok. That's Pok's arm in the picture btw...

I love the rose syrup (not the cheapo F&N kind) and whoever the smart person who mixed rose syrup with coffee is a genius! The thing smells super floral (which I like) and there is a rose aftertaste :D yums! It's $6.70++. Even though im not a coffee connoisseur I love this drink!

I tried the McCafe Iced Latte and I think it tastes not bad for a McDonalds drink! and it's half the price of my rose coffee - Maybe I should buy atas rose syrup and put it into the McDonald's Iced Cafe Latte?

Save money save money save money i'm broke this month :( the woes of being pocket-money-ed it's a privilege being a bum aiyah i should stop talking nonsense and study stupid pharmaco cofm ebm yucky yucky yucky pui wait after that got viva and supps dieeeee im gg to get a billion eyebags and get mistaken for a *parent* already like someone already has i shant say who but it starts with "F" dun kill me arrrghhhh!=\

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Who? Flyfairy?