Monday, January 7, 2008

da Palo's Nutella Bar and Lemongrass chocolate cake

I like da Palo's takeaway cos the food's quite yummy and best of all there isn't any service charge, which can easily make the bill zoom up by like $4
This is the spinach lasagne, which is really delicious cos there's some creamy sauce. I think it's bechamel (Italian white sauce which uses butter, milk and flour for a really indulgent creamy finish to lasagne). But the spinach is quite strong and so if you don't like to see cooked frozen spinach you won't like this.
I've tried the salmon lasagne previously, and being meat, it's much tastier than the spinach. But the sauces and cheese are about the same. I think they cost about $7 or $8 for a generous portion, and best of all it tastes great even though you've just microwaved it yourselt - think about it, you're saving about 2bucks microwaving a perfectly yummy and fresh lasagne - no more frozen lasagnes for me!

On the left, it's the da Palo nutella bar, and on the right, the chocolate and lemongrass cake. I had very high hopes for both, because I've seen them for about 3 times before and did not have the opportunity to get them as they need to be refridgerated.

I didn't like the nutella bar simply because it didn't have enough nutella inside it - only the top most icing tasted like nutella - the layers inside tasted more like caramel with chocolate to me. That's $7 bucks wasted :( of course, this is just a slice , the portion can give about 3 slices of that size.

The lemongrass chocolate cake tasted more lime-ish/lemon-ish than lemongrass. And there were these weird greenish yellow goo which I suppose was supposed to be the lemongrass. Yikes - I didn't even finish this one :( Another 7 bucks wasted.

Ahh if only everything tasted like the black and white chocolate cake, I would be so happy!

Da Palo Gastronomia is located next to That CD shop, Great World City
Cluny Court
Chip Bee Gardens

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