Friday, January 4, 2008

Relish - Cluny Court

Read about Relish in Life!'s 2007 best eats - but then forgot about it until yesterday. We actually went there on Wed, but then we had early break and it only opened at 12pm! So I had to pay $1.50 for carpark for nothing:(
The place was quite crowded when we got there at about 1pm, but there were still a few tables left. Service was prompt and commendable - we had a waitress who was on the job for the first day and she knew quite a bit about the menu - and when she didn't, she asked her colleague to attend to us. I tried the Spiced Lamb Pita Burger with Mint Hommus ($19++) - either my tastebuds are dying or there's really little mint - cos i couldn't really taste the mint, only the lemonjuice from the hommus. It was stuffed with sliced purple onions and purple cabbage and juicy red tomatoes.
The most exciting thing about the burger was that we could see the juices not only oozing out, but they were streaming out, and the burger patty was piping hot too!
I found the lamb a bit tough, but the lamb smell isn't too strong, for those ppl who don't like lamb smells... haiz after the white truffle fries at house, no other fry would taste the same...
This is the Wild Rocket Beef Burger ($18), and it comes with arugula, sarawak pepper cream, and a tangy sun-dried tomato relish. I don't know how it tastes like but it's apparently very nice - the beef juices was streaming away... And the beef is done slightly pink in the middle, all the beef burgers are done this way unless specified, so do ask for a less pink burger if you're scared of salmonella and e.coli.This is probably the most expensive Ramly burger - it even has a slightly posher name to match - it's the RAM LEE burger - and for 19 bucks, you'll get a towering burger with a thick beef patty wrapped in an omelette slathered with mayo and chilli and onions - not quite the kind you'll find in your neighbourhood pasar malam with the black pepper sauce but still, the oozing beef patty, egg and mayo go really well together.

They had a daily special for all the burger-phobes, the crab and chilli pasta which tasted quite nice, and it was $17 bucks for quite a small portion - I kept thinking of da palo's crab vodka pasta downstairs.
Ahh i must go and try Wild Rocket! but the place is in such a confusing part of town i bet i'll get lost and pay stupid erp twice! on top of super ex and un-worth it orchard carpark prices!

501 Bukit Timah Rd
#02-01 Cluny Court
Singapore 259760
Tel 67631547


ice said...

yups..good food there although the service needs some tuning!had the ram-lee the last time i went there. thought it's very good!

oh plus the choc cointreau milkshake
rocks too! would return just for that! bet u missed that yah?^_^

m said...

actually, my friend tried the chocolate cointreau milkshake and i stole some, but i didn't get a picture of it :( and i can't remember how it tastes like either - an excuse to go back :P

ice said...

its good!my only gripe: where is the alcohol?!?
check this out:

MICHAEL said...

We had Rocket burger and the lamb burger. Both are excellent. The lamb was real flavoursome. The sauce for the rocket burger was WOW.
The staff apppeared somewhat new and many appeared clump together instead of serving customers. The manager was sweet and effricient.

I enjoyed the food so much, I will return again.

m said...

ice: the milkshake looks really yummy:D
michael: glad that you enjoyed relish - I did too! Hopefully the service will improve...