Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wild Rocket @ Mt Emily

Ahhh I just had a very indulgent lunch at Wild Rocket... but I'm very hungry now and I'm waiting for SOMEONE to send my the photos... (Ok it's sent alr so now i can publish my blog)

After going to Relish, we decided to try the original restaurant! Which is located in this super ulu place near Mt Sophia (near St Marg's) at Mt Emily. The restaurant seems quite new, and there's a 3 course set lunch for $26++. This is the bread which comes free :D

I tried the soup of the day, which was pumpkin soup. It costs about 10 bucks for an ala carte order, and it's ok, nothing fantastic.
My main course was the soft pork with garlic miso risotto. Actually, I don't know why I even chose pork cos it's one of my least fave meats (unless it's in dian xin like siew mai) but it was not bad cos there wasn't any porky smell or taste. There's also parts of the pork tendon, and there's only a slight taste of garlic.

Actually, I'm not particularly impressed by the main courses - maybe cos I had really high expectations after going to Relish.
Here's some of the main courses we ordered:

The hot favourite was the crabmeat linguini with chillies and tomato cream sauce. It's about 19 bucks - I aspire to learn how to make this dish cos it's so yummy - and if I do I can eat it everyday without burning a hole in my pocket.
This is the seafood pasta dressed in seafood oil or something like that - looks really yummy I shall try this the next time I visit Wild Rocket.

For the set menu, the appetisers were some battered deep fried mushroom with some other dressing or another (my memory fails me), soup of the day and i can't remember the 3rd choice. There was also 3 choices for the mains, and this is the bacon and spinach cream pasta.Salmon with mashed potatoes with some lemon zest or something.
For dessert, I tried the Strawberry cheesecakeIt's like a a deconstructed cheesecake with maple walnut ice cream. I really liked the cheesey bits cos of the texture, a bit sticky very creamy. It's about $10 for th dessert - get the dessert, it's much better than the soup:D The oreo cheesecake doesn't look bad either and comes with ice cream and fudge.This was the chocolate cake with banana flambe (it's around $9++ too). It's the kind where hte chocolate will ooze out when you break the outside of the cake :D

This is the Black Glutinous rice with coconut ice cream, which came with the set menu - I didn't quite like the desserts in the set menu cos I don't quite like the sound of fusion desserts, like the funny corn kueh presented in a nicer manner and panna cotta with gula melaka
Well, I can't comment on the other desserts (beside the cheesecake) cos I didn't try any

Parking is free at Wild Rocket :D

I actually prefer Relish cos it's cheaper but there's only burgers there. Im probably biased cos it's so much nearer my house and I won't get lost going there. And so concludes my lengthy rambly post.

Wild Rocket @ Mt Emily

Tel 63399448

Hangout Hotel 10 A Upper Wilkie Road


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Anonymous said...

how expensive is relish?whats the approx. cost for a burger?