Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cha Soba

Woohoo I have just learnt how to make cha soba (which tastes reasonably good - good enough to stop spending $16++)All these are from Cold Storage - see how they're all matching green?
There was only one brand of cha soba (soba with green tea) which costs $4.70 per 200g (such a tiny packet). And I also got ready made cha soba sauce (Yamasa Soba Senka Soup Base for Noodle, $4.90 for 330ml) cos I didn't want to end up making a horrible soba dipping sauce on my first try. To mix the sauce add one part of sauce and one part of water (at least that's what I think the instructions said). And can also put some chopped spring onion and wasabi in it.
And cos I was too lazy to roast my own sesame seeds and there wasn't any pre chopped seaweed, I got this 2 in one seaweed and sesame seed topping (Futaba Furikake Nori Goma Seasoning Mix). It's quite salty though but when you dip it into the sauce most of it will fall off (sadly).
Its really quite easy to cook Cha Soba (not like the restaurant standard but good enough). Just get a huge pot of boiling water and dump the noodles in. And a large bowl of iced water, and once the noodles are al dente just get rid of the hot water and put all the noodles into the cold water to stop the cooking process. Ahhhh how come I was so stupid and gullible and spent so much money on cha soba when it was so easy to make???????
I checked up some sites on the internet - to make cha soba dipping sauce, you will need
2 parts japanese soya sauce (shoyu),
one part mirin and
one part japanese rice vinegar
I shall try that after i'm done with my pre made sauce, which is quite good actually.
No more maggie mee!
*Hehe fish is so funny- fsh:: says: i didnt know you could buy it and make it!
Oh I just found this very pro recipe (which I'll prob be too incapable to attempt but for whoever is v gd at cooking - http://www.justhungry.com/basics-cold-soba-noodles-dipping-sauce )

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rationalneurotic said...

I always buy my noodles from Daiso... only 2 bucks haha