Monday, January 21, 2008

Teahouse - Raffles City B1

Raffles city is quite happenning now - got new shops at the 'centre stage' thing and there were so many sales when i went there!
I've eaten at teahouse before, but then it was before I started this blog - it reminds me of dian xiao er cos of their speciality roast duck.

We tried the Teahouse Crispy duck(Small $9.70), as well as the Herbal Crispy Duck (medium $19.70) which really is like the Dian Xiao Er duck.
The soup of the day ($.70++) was water cress with fish slices. The soup tasted quite good but then the fish was terrible - all filled with bones and we couldn't eat anythign cos it was just more and more bones >.<
Behind: Baby Cabbage with century and salted egg ($10++)

Infront: Tofu with Chicken floss (forgot how much - i think it 's about $6+)
My fave dish - Moonlight Horfun ($9.70++). It usually comes with a raw egg and then you stir it up but then we decided we wanted it cooked in. There's lots of seafood and the noodles are done just right.

Ah such an uninspirational post...

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