Thursday, January 3, 2008

House - Dempsy Road

Happy (Belated) New Year everybody! I am finally having my well deserved break - and to start it all off after patho, we went to Dempsy for tea (cos it was too late for lunch after the lects...)
As recommended by the Queen, we were debating between Karma Kettle Rhapsody and house, both of which are located at Dempsy. But House won cos of the famous White Truffle Oil Fries, which everybody wanted to try.
Their menus are really unique and cute, and my menu even had a circled "served all day long!" for the fries, cos during tea (2.30 to 5.30pm) they only serve sandwiches and desserts.
We ordered 3 different desserts - the green tea tofu tiramisu ($8.50++) , Carrot Cake ($8 something) and the chendol panna cotta ($11.50++).
If you order 3 desserts, you'll get 10% off, and if you order 6, you'll get 15% off

I didn't really taste enough of the green tea tofu tiramisu so i can't really comment other than that it's quite ok for the price, and the carrot cake has little crispy bits inside and yummy cream cheese icing.
The chendol panna cotta was what I ordered cos it sounded so interesting! and I like gula melaka but not the red beans. The pannacotta was creamy and smooth and there's lots of chendol on top - there better be cos it's really expensive!
There's even attap chee inside!And the famous White Truffle Oil Fries ($6). As you can see, House likes to serve their stuff in mess tins. You must be warned, however, that after eating these golden crispy fries infused in white truffle oil, no other fries will taste the same as your tastebuds will want more of these high-class fries whenever you eat normal fries. I wonder who came up with the brilliant idea of having white truffle oil over fries - truffle oil taste delicious with mashed potatoes too! ahhh I want to get a bottle of truffle oil for myself too :D
8D Dempsy Road

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