Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Grains - Central Clarke Quay

Appetiser - some oily salty crispy thing...

After reading reviews on Grains on so many blogs, I finally had the opportunity to eat dinner at Grains. I tried the Individual Sampler menu (B) which costs $25 per person, min 2 pax.

Starters was a bbq special which consisted of charsiew, and roasted duck with a sweet plum sauce.

I particularly liked the Chicken and Ginseng Clear Broth in Yunnan Steam-Pot - the pot is quite interesting cos there's a little hole in the middle to let steam pass through. The soup is clear, not salty and filled with all the healthy chinese herbs.

Many restaurants seem to be serving the Spinach Tofu, which is usually braised tofu with green spinach on one side. And after that, there was sauteed fish slices with kailan and garlic - this was quite nice and there was the wok taste - just like a tze char stall.

For carbo, there was the Grains Fried rice - it's no ordinary fried rice cos it's actually a mix of white and brown rice, and there are little bits of meat inside and it's topped with dried wolfberries which gives it an interesting texture - a bit like having raisins but not so sweet.

Dessert was Chilled Herbal Jelly which was bitter >.<>

It seems to be in fashion to charge for water...


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m said...

hello Kaiyi/ Lionel, I've linked you too:)