Monday, December 10, 2007

Red White and Pure

Finally got to try red white and pure (don't try this with your friends - go and try this with your parents :D)... nearly went in on 3 occasions before, but the hefty price tag put everyone off... it's like those fine dining restaurants where they serve from the right only and change your water/plates lots and lots of times.For Starters, we tried the tasting plate ($18++ for 4 starters) which had pumpkin soup, ginseng and garlic prawns with lemon puree and saffron marinated oranges in miso caramel sauce. There was an Organic Leafy fresh salad with fennel liquorice and miso vinegarette, as well as a smoked chicken and green mango salad with chilli jam. I quite liked the pumpkin soup cos it wasn't creamy and tasted purely of pumpkin. The smoked chicken and green mango salad was very unique too, but the rocket leaves were bitter and yucky.This is a choice of 3 side dishes ($12++ for a choice of 3 sides). We tried the lingzhi mash, which is mashed potatoes with a hint of lingzhi (i've never tasted lingzhi before but I still don't relly know how it tastes), watermelon sesame and goats cheese salad (very refreshing - it's my fave side) and Ginseng and garlic baby bok choy.
This is my main - seabass and pumpkin tart confit with leeks dill and gingerbread carrots, and sauce gribeche (whatever that is - it's the funny green thing). The seabass was nicely done and tastes like cod. The pumpkin tart was quite yummy but it isn't the flaky kind of tart - more of the slightly custardy kind. Anyways, i quite liked my main course but I thought it was quite pricy at $28 (same as the beef cheek!)

This is the beef cheek (though it's slathered in some brown butter espuma) with jerusalem artichoke, caramelized shallots, and potato.

And of course desserts were the highlight of the meal - we tried the tasting plate of 4 items ($22++, it's $18 for 3 desserts).
The Smoked date and rice tart had a really smoked taste - but where else can you get this? for a normal dessert portion, this costs $10.
Birds nest ice cream and chocolate ganache with mint sauce - I liked the birds nest ice cream cos it wasn't so creamy, and there were bits of bird nest embedded into the ice cream. The chocolate ganache really reminded me of royce chocolate. Yums! This usually costs $15 for a normal portion.
Hashima cream and poached pear was the most unique dessert of all - the texture is reallycool! it's like semidried paint or something
See how the thing will form little peaks after scooping it up! And the poached pears went perfectly with the hashima cream. It's$15 for a normal portion.
Chocolate szechuan delice - had crackly chocolate - the kind that comes in contact with your saliva and goes crackling... This is the dessert on promo now - it's $10 for this dessert plus a hearbal tea (which usually costs $5). It comes with saffron and ginger ice cream. The tart has finely sliced apples and an eggy base.
The Candied Wintermelon Cheesecake comes with a coriander blended shake (I couldn't catch the fancy name). The base of the cheesecake has lots of ltitle morsels of candied winter melon which makes it crunchy. ($10++)Lucky i tried this place today! I now have another good place to go when i'm feeling indulgent (esp for desserts)

Red white and pure pte ltd
#02-141 Vivocity
Tel 68270088


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The corriander is a corriander custard espuma.



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Mimi! Ur blog realli makes me real hungry...