Friday, December 21, 2007

Crystal Jade Korean

There's so many many many types of crystal jade restaurants but my fave one is the Korean one! It's prob cos Chinese food generally isn't on my fave food lists. Despite having so many branches, the service isn't compromised at all (unlike many other well known food chains...) One of the reasons I like Crystal Jade Korean is becuase they always serve you 6 dishes of appetisers whenever you order their main course. And it's FREE FLOW. Super yums! Of course, there is kimchi (which is a must have for every Korean dinner - a bit like green tea to the Japanese), and soyabean sprouts (not those green bean kind we usually get) which are lightly marinaded in sesame sauce. There's also lots of spinach, potato salad (prob not v traditional but its nice). There's also this tofu with some spicy sauce - the tofu is really smooth and silky and it's so soft it will break into pieces when you try to grab it with your chopsticks, so must use spoon). And there's this preserved turnip (i think) which I don't quite like.
It's such a healthy way to start off your meal with...

They have this high class bbq(completely unlike Seoul Garden) and you can even ask them to help you barbeque your food for you if you're too lazy to do it yourself :D This time, I tried the seafood noodle soup ($16) which was one of the only non spicy non beef dishes on the menu.

I was eyeing this Korean Ginseng Chicken (a must to eat whenever you go to Korea) for quite long but it's pretty ex - $25 but it's really yummy and the soup is thick and cloudy and tasty. The soup is really yummy but then refills for soup is $6. The chicken's quite big and can be shared with about 3 to 4 ppl.It's stuffed with glutinous rice and a chestnut - the soup isn't too bitter but there is a hint of ginseng.
I also tried the seafood omelette (which I saw another table eating the last time i came here and wanted to try it this time) which was pretty ex - it's like $15? for the omelette but it's crispy oustide and slightly doughy iside with nice crystal shrimps and other assorted seafood.

This is probably one of my more favourite restaurants in Takashimaya - there's a branch in Centrepoint too.

Crystal Jade Korean also has a 'Da Chang Jin' menu (the Korean cooking show with a Palace Maid) but it's $53 ++++++++ per person and must order a day in advance, and a min of 4 people.

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