Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Shimofuri Beef - Shima, Goodwood Park Hotel

Merry Christmas everybody! This will be a super long post cos I'm procrastinating ...

For my family's christmas dinner, we went to Shima at Goodwood park hotel. I've tried their buffet teppanyaki lunch (it's very worth it for about $30++) and the salmon and oysters are fantastic.

We tried their special festive set menu, which had lots and lots of dishes - and the highlights were the beef - US Tenderloin ($X), Wagyu ($X+30) and Shimofuri ($X+130).
I'm quite ignorant about the types of beef, so I had to do my research on this one - Shimofuri beef is a grade above Wagyu - for the set menu that we had, it was $80++ more to get shimofuri beef compared to Wagyu. (Wagyu is written as 和牛in Jap! I didn't know that)

Well, after the Black Pig (Kurobuta) from Japan, there's also a black cow. Its also supposed to be the best beef for sukiyaki cos there's lots of fat. It must be quite rare cos I can hardly find info on it from the net.
Of course, having not so discerning tastebuds, we decided to get one US tenderloin and one Wagyu. But thanks to some foul-up with the orders, we ended up having one shimofuri, one wagyu and one US tenderloin! :D So of course I had to make an exception on my 7 year beef ban...

I didn't quite like the Shimofuri beef compared to the Wagyu - Shimofuri was extremely fatty - like kobe beef. I liked the Wagyu more cos there was a nice meaty taste rather than just biting through all fats. Animal fats is one of the topmost causes of colorectal cancer so go easy on all the lard-ish stuff!

The rest of the dishes we had in the set:
Live lobster fried with garlic and butter
And some of the soupy lobster bits cooked in wineMixed vegetables with deep fried salmon skin Garlic fried rice with chicken, onion, bell peppersTempura Prawn Choice of either warm sake, Red or White Wine.Dessert was fresh fruits and Mikan
Since there were 4 of us sharing 2 sets, we also ordered some ala carte dishes:
My faviourite Negiritoro maki ($12)
Crazy expensive sashimi - but very fresh and they included toro/chutoro? I'm not too sure but it's at least a grade above the normal maguro(tuna).
More Tempura prawns :D
Some salt grilled fresh fish
My all time favourite Skewered Grilled Tofu with a sweet black sauce and roasted white sesame seeds - the tofu was soft and smooth inside and the skin outside was slightly browned.

Overall, I must say that the dining experience at Shima was very stressful cos the waitress couldn't recommend us anything, didn't know her dishes, and didn't tell us the dishes after serving even though we told them to - but I was quite glad about the Shimofuri beef being served wrongly :D so i guess it neutralises the bad service...

Christmas season is a time for giving and heart attacks so go easy on the meat and fats from meat!

Seriously, thanks to NUS for the wonderful Christmas gift of having to study for pathology! I can see how they’re helping their future doctors adapt to having night calls on public holidays and festive seasons!


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