Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sukhothai Restaurant

Lunch Set at Sukothai Restaurant in Changi Airport T2.

The set lunch for 2 people ($35++, it's $42 after taxes) include 4 dishes, plain rice and dessert. There is also a set lunch for 4 ppl which has better dishes.Tom Yum Soup which comes with either prawn or chicken. The prawns are nearly as fresh as the 'crystal' prawn and the soup is nice and sour and you can even ask them to put less chilli so it won't be so spicy!Green Curry was a bit too coconutty for my liking and it wasn't really green. There's a choice of either red or green curry with chicken. Stir fried Kailan with garlic - nice like a tze char stall's.
I particularly liked the sweet and sour fish (choice of sweet and sour or spicy and sour fish). The batter was just nicely coated and thick (but not so thick that there isn't much fish left inside) and evenly coated, but not lumpy.

And I forgot to take picture of the red ruby dessert - but it had very thick coconut cream and crunchy waterchestnuts. Alternative to red ruby is the sweet tapioca dessert.

The service, as expected is very good (much better than Fish & Co and Crystal Jade at Changi Airport).

Sukhothai Restaurant

Changi Airport Terminal 2

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