Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Akashi - Vivocity

Akashi is this yummy Japanese restaurant at Vivocity Basement. I'd describe it at one notch above Sushi Tei, both in quality and price. Lunches are cheaper (by about $3+) for the same dishes. Crab Croquette ($6++) - it's very creamy on the inside and really crispy on the outside. I thought that the orangey sauce (tastes like cocktail sauce( was a bit too overpowering.
This is some dinner bento, can't really remember what it's called but it's $25 for dinner and $22 for lunch. The sashimi is really good - the tuna looks really glossy and fresh, and it's a deep deep red/maroon unlike the kind that you find in sushi tei which is slightly limp and soggish. It comes with a grilled fish, salad, mixed tempura, sashimi, miso soup and fruits.
Here's my set - the mixed sashimi don - the highlight is that the wasabi that they use isn't the usual pre-mixed powdered kind. Actually, the usual powdered kind of wasabi is used in most restaurants like Sakae Sushi and Sushi Tei -this is the real grated thing. The root is v expensive and is pale green in colour inside. It looks like a longish yam outside. Of course the sashimi was fresh and delicious - the salmon and the tuna sashimi in particular.

Akashi Japanese Restaurant

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