Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sri Sujana Nasi Lemak

omg cofm, casewriteups and pharmaco (and I forsee patho next month) are the banes of my life!

I'm so glad I'm not doing ortho posting now... Anyway, this is a super super outdated post :S, when I was still in CGH blissfully doing psyche...

Anyway, this is Sri Sujana, which is this nasi lemak stall which had such a super duper long que so I decided to try it! It had an even longer que than my usual 'International Stall'
See the que is very very very long.

The nasi lemak is very cheap, only $2 for one chicken wing, an egg and ikan billis, and alot of garlicky chilli. The chilli is less sweet and more galicky than the normal nasi lemak chilli, and the rice is slightly soggier and wetter than the usual nasi lemak rice. The chicken wing is marinaded in alot of spices, and is very tasty and looks very rough and has a furred appereance.
Personally, I prefer the rice from International Stall, but this one is cheaper (50 cents only) and their chicken wing is tastier.
Sri Sujana Nasi Lemak
Changi Village #01-54
I was boliao last time so i went to T3... Now I don't have time to blog :(

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