Saturday, November 10, 2007

Macaron - Dessert Restaurant

5 of us went to Macaron to have exactly what they're good for - their dessert. After eating there, I have one thing to say: Macaron is like a bikini - pay more for less - cos it's all in the material and design.

The dessert presentation is really unique and I think it's quite worth the price that you're paying for it, but the service is complety snotty and annoying. Even places like Iggys have much nicer service even though you're paying tons more. So there's no excuse of being a posh place and having snotty service.

We were looking at their menu outside (they have these black doors where you can't look in but they can look out) and then he really wanted to direct us to the Canele takeaway next door -_- (Macaron is run by the same company/management or whatever as Canale.) After that, when we went in, they sat us right next to the door despite the fact that the restaurant only had 2 other tables occupied.
Top that off with their ridiculous policy where everyone must have one dessert each and no sharing allowed 'because our portions are small and meant to be eaten by one person'. I believe that restaurants with such ridiculous policies aren't worth patronising. But of course, they're telling the truth - he should have said "our portions are minuscule". Small is just an understatement. Anyway, they won't let one of us buy a drink off the menu - everyone MUST have a dessert.
Maybe they should just hang a sign outside saying that everyone must order one dessert each - not after seating us and then telling us after that.
After we finished the desserts (and Claire left some so they won't clear her plate), they kept hovering around wanting to chase us off - but there was another table still in the restaurant and they were just chatting too! D:< This is the 'One, Two, Tea' which i can't really remember much of cos it was so long ago, but there's some crispy thing, with a chocolatey outside and a red inside - looks a bit like a skull being cracked open.
Hmm the crispy thing on top makes me think of how burnt skin looks like...

This is my dessert - some 'Red' Dessert (it's one of the most ex desserts on the menu, at $18 for the 'small portion'). It's the "Raspberry filled with mascarpone cheese, strawberry paper, Rhubarb and strawberry compote, blood orange jelly, Cranberry parfait scented with hibiscus and beet confit". Ahh say that all in one breath...

The paper thing was quite cool to eat - I wonder how they make it? And it dissolves on your tongue like fylm-fresh (hmm or maybe i should say the Quicklets now that I've done psych). The taste reminds all of us of Uncle Toby's Fruit Rolls. The super sweet and sticky fruit sheets that stuck to your teeth whenever you eat it.
This is my raspberry filled with mascarpone cheese. Hmm I should do that at home next time - creamy cheese with tart raspberries.
The whole plate looks like an operation gone wrong. Like a splat of blood. Hmm I quite miss AH surg... The weird flat orangey blob on the left is the blood orange compote, and the next reddish splat thing is the beetroot - which was very sweet and didn't taste like beetroot.
My tastebuds aren't so discerning so I couldn't taste the hibiscus, but the cranberry parfait was delicious - chilled, creamy and sweet.This is some "Egg Sunrise" or suprise or something.. It's cheese ice cream with a piece of preserved apricot. I think this was about $14? or $12? Its all in the presentation...This is the Raspberry Granite - I'm not sure why but I keep associating Granite with a failed gelato... (must be from the association of 'Bulimics are failed aneroxics'...)
This is the last dessert to be served - some champaign parfait. Hmm I really can't remember how it tastes like, but then the gold stuff was so fun to eat. Cheap thrills...
I really enjoyed the different desserts but then the service leaves much to be desired.

11 Unity Street
#01-08 Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995
Tel 62357277


g.c. said...

i can't believe u went to macaron without me!!! better go with me when i'm back in dec! (:

janeeeeeeee said...

run by les amis.

bunch of crazy snobs or what...?

Xin Quan said...

yes bunch of snobs. i didn't know they tried to direct us to the cake stall next door!! else i would have said that we shouldn't go in..

m said...

ya they did - the waiter said 'take away is next door' !!!!! such a prat!

m said...

anyway, Macaron alr closed down! I'll miss the desserts but def not the service!