Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daily Fresh - Ice Kimo

Snow ice is this dessert with super fine shaved flavoured ice from Taiwan. It's really hard to find now, and all the stalls I used to patronise have all closed down. Maybe cos it's alot more ex than bubble tea...
I was plesantly suprised to find that (of all places) Eastpoint mall had it! In fact, I discovered it by chance, cos I was on my way to get bubble tea from sweet talk - and I spotted Daily Fresh at the corner (near Starbucks).Snow ice, or shall i say 'Ice Kimo' is shaved flavoured ice, think an ice cream which is shaved inside an ice kachang like machine, just that this is more hightech and produces wonderfully nice soft fluffy (no pokey) flakes of ice, like snow.
Each time you scoop it into your mouth, it will melt like a little lump of snow, and you will have something like gelato or sorbet in your mouth. It's very compressable and melts really fast. And this comes in a variety of flavours like mango, vanilla, chocolate, mocha, strawberry, watermelon, soursop etc etc
If you haven't already noticed (like fish...) that Ice Kimo is actually a pun for Eskimo.
Daily Fresh,
Ground level of Eastpoint mall,
Next to starbucks coffee.

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Anonymous said...

the honey dew ice kimo is juz fabulous...i cn even die 4 the honey dew ice kimo..i travel few kilometers juz 2 taste the ice kimo itself located in..wonderful job!keep it up