Thursday, November 1, 2007

Eighteen Chefs

I first read about 18 Chefs from the ieatishootipost website (for the story behind eighteen chefs), but then decided that even though the food review was good, it was too inconvenient for me to drag myself to the end of singapore.

However, I'm at CGH now and I just found out today (on my 2nd week) that Eastpoint Mall is so super near to CGH (I thought everything was far from CGH). Eastpoint Mall to CGH is like what Alexander Village is to AH. Super near. And with good food too (not that CGH doesn't have good food - they have the v unhealthy but yummy nasi lemak and popiah slathered in sweet sauce). This is how 18 chefs looks like - see how it's full of students? It's cos the food is really cheap (like a McDonalds meal) and tastes so much better. It's a cafe style which means that you go and pay and order your food, and then the will deliver it to your table.

Their speciality is baked rice. And you can even customise your baked rice with their 6 different sauces (black pepper, creamy mango, creamy white, curry, spicy garlic and tangy tomato), and ingredients like chicken sausage ($5.90), chicken slices ($8.90), minced beef (6.90), beef slices ($8.90), seafood ($12.90), salmon (10.90), pan grilled fish ($9.90), Scallops ($12.90), Prawns ($10.90), Mushrooms ($5.90), Vegetarian ($7.90), Scrambled egg ($5.90).I tried the student's set ($5.90, no service charge, GST included) which was a main, Ice lemon tea and dessert.
Although I had already high expectations of the food, I was not dissappointed :D The chicken baked rice was the cheapest and yummiest that i've tried - the mozerella cheese was gooey and there was alot of it, and the chicken slices were succulent and juicy and abundant (quite unlike Swensen's baked rice which cost much more). The sauce was creamy and the rice was drenched with it.

This is the beef spaghetti which smelt heavenly. There's really alot of herbs inside, and the beef small was warfting about and making everyone salivate.

This is the additional garlic bread that we ordered ($1.80) cos the whole restaurant smelt of it and it was too tempting to resist. The bread is crispy outside and nice and soft inside. It's not very garlicky but then the bread is done just right - no burnt bits either.
The dessert was chocolate chips with chocolate ice cream. For people who love desserts, you'll be glad to know that it isn't a tiny measly little scoop of ice cream, but a nice generous one which will leave your sweet tooth satisfied.They had an $11.90 set lunch deal for non-students. It was a choice of baked prawn rice with green apples and spicy sauce (which sounded really interesting and I would probably have tried it if the students meal wasn't so temptingly cheap) garlic bread, soup of the day and drink. Hmm i can't remember if there was dessert...

Other dishes include potato and apple salad ($2.50), Mango salsa ($3.00), Various pasta dishes (which look quite tempting ranging from $6.90 for beef bolognaise to $12.90 for seafood aglio olio, and finger foods such as cheesy fries, chesy wings etc.

I am so going back to try their Eighteen Funky Strawberry dessert ($5.80) as well as their Eighteen Banana Explosion ($4.80)! Hope that I'll have more time for lunch.

Eighteen Chefs Pte Ltd

3 Simei St 6, Eastpoint Mall

#01-36 Singapore 528833

Tel 67821298


Dave said...

Thanks for all those peoples all this while who support 18 chefs.In this world nothing is totally perfect but we will try our very best to make it perfect as we will try to provide better food,drinks as well as service to you all.Anyway dun forget to try our black beauty.A brownie and two scoops of ice cream.We will open the doors for u all 365 days thro out the whole year.Hope to hear more comments from u all.

Anonymous said...

It is a nice little eatery. However, personally I find the portion of the food is too little. For the bake rice and the pasta, the ingredient is too little. Bake rice is a bit too dry and pasta is too wet. The small portion doesn't justify its price. Frankly, I would rather pay a little more to other restaurants for a much stomach-filled meals, and more tasty meals.

m said...

anon: Actually, for these kind of cafes in Singapore, I think the price is really very reasonable - it's below 10 bucks for the baked rice alone, and in Swensens, which so many ppl patronise, they have tasteless chicken baked rice for $9.80 with only 3 thin measly pieces of chicken. And that's before tax+extra charges. Furthemore, since I'm a student, the whole set was merely $5.90 - you can't beat that - not even Botak Jones! Food court food is more expensive!