Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ivins - Peranakan Restaurant

Ivins is a simple eatery tucked away in Binjai park (Bukit Timah) and it has value for money food. The dishes are very cheap, most of them are about $5 (or less than that), and they taste good too.

The Ikan Tempra Pomfret (Deep fried black pomfret with black sweet sauce) was peppery and crispy. ($6.80)

We tried the gado gado, which is deep fried bean curd with a variety of vegetables and spicy satay sauce. ($3.50) I particularly liked the otak otak pangang, which had the distinct smell and taste of lemon grass. Each piece was fat and juicy and filled with fish bits. ($1.60 per piece).
These two claypot dishes are the sayur lodeh, which is quite spicy and with a nice thick coconut gravy. ($4.50).
The ayam buah keluak came with a thick tamarind gravy and buah keluak nuts (but I dunno why the nuts didn't 'burst' cos they're usually nice and soft inside and you can scrape out the black stuff but I couldnt do it for this one). ($5.90)

And of course, yummy desserts to cool down our hot mouths - Best of all, they only cost $1.20 each!

Top: Pengat Pisang - Slices of banana in coconut gravy. Right: Ice jelly - Ice jelly (no fruit cocktail). Left: Gula Melaka Sago - Sago served with brown sugar and coconut milk.

We went on a weekend and I must say that they are really quite understaffed. The place is really no frills kind, so I have really nothing to say about the ambience. Just that you have to talk really loudly to be heard... Other than that, the food is satisfying and really cheap for restaurant standard.


19/21 Binjai Park Bukit Timah Singapore 589827

Tel 6493060

(They have another branch at 2/4 Jalan Leban, Tel 64514622)

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