Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chomp Chomp Egg Bean Curd

This is one of my more favourite bean curds, but then it's quite unlike the usual bean curds that you find in the market. It's not easily broken into pieces, and it has a more gelatinous texture, somewhat like a more fragile form of konnyaku jelly.

There's a slight milky after taste, and it's quite sweet - if you want to taste the bean curd, don't order it with too sweet toppings (ie sea coconut) cos it overpowers the bean curd taste.

A bowl of plain bean curd costs $1.50, and a bowl with toppings cos $2. Toppings include tangyuan, yam paste (ohr nee), ginko nuts etc etc there's really quite alot to choose from. Furthermore, they don't charge you an irritating extra 20cents for takeaway! :D

They've also branched out into other fruity desserts (quite like Taiwan), including yummy mango desserts. Hmm i can't remember what I tried, but its mango dessert with coconut milk - I have concluded that coconut milk makes most things taste nice! cos it's so creamy, cold, and the mango is nice and sweet, and it's really refreshing. I think it costs about $3.50 (or slightly more?) for this dessert, but there's lots of other fruity desserts to try! I'm so going back there to try the other desserts!

Rainbow Wonderland Dessert Stall

Chomp Chomp

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