Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Eng Seng Black Pepper Crab - Crab that I will que for

Yums! This is my favouritest black pepper crab ever! Actually, I like the shimmering sand crab cos the sauce is so creamy and thick, but Eng Seng black pepper crab comes close after it.

This is my third time eating the crab (so horrible the first 2 times I nv take picture cos i was LATE and then other people had to que up >.<) So for the 3rd time I ate the crab, I went to buy it at 530pm so that I won't have to que up! hohoho! This restaurant has soooo many people queing up for the crab, that the first time I came, I thought that there was some big shot celebrity eating there - and then I realised that the whole hoard of people there were actually queing!!! And once you're late, they run out of crabs and too bad (and the que disappears too...)
The crabs are priced at $32/kg, and they are all super fresh - maybe that's why they run out of crabs so fast. The black pepper sauce is special cos it's wet(but not thin or watered down), as opposed to the dry ones that you usually get. And the best part is that the crab is super fresh! All 3 times I've eaten here, the crab was so fresh meaty and yummy! With huge flaky chunks of juicy sweet yummy meat. And dipping it into the nice wet black pepper sauce...
The picture doesn't do the crab justice cos it was dapaoed (cos the coffeeshop is so dirty and we didn't feel like eating there...) and there's usually much more sauce than this.

Eng Seng Restaurant (it's not a restaurant - it's a coffeeshop, and a very dirty one too!!!)
Joo Chiat Place (Junction of Joo Chiat Place and Still Road)

Do go there early to beat the crazy que and to avoid dissappointment cos they run out of crabs very very fast.
Btw, I didn't que for it cos i went super early...

Ah while I was waiting for the crabs, there was this very cute cat! I shall call it the swiss roll cat cos it has a whirly pattern like a swiss roll on it's side! SO CUTE right??!!!!!And it's very tame and sat down to pose for a picture infront of me! :D

I want to kidnap it and bring it home!!!!

(as you can tell from the picts, this "restaurant" is quite dirty - please go to the toilets before you eat here cos you'll surely loose your appetite after you go...

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