Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pasta de Waraku

Tried Pasta de Waraku (finally) at the central. It's Japanese Italian with lots of interesting dishes such as lots of roe with pasta and wafu sauce. It's also where doria means baked rice. So amusing - Doria = Baked Rice!!!

All the main courses come with a salad (so healthy!).
This is the Mix Cutlet ($8.80) appetiser. It's deep fried assorted seafood (I think there was salmon, fish etc etc not too sure) which comes in a delicious creamy mayonnaise like sauce.

I tried the Half and Half set with 2 different kinds of pasta.($19.80). (Cos I couldn't decide on what to eat, and i wanted to try more). It comes with a salad, Hokkaido cream of corn soup (very thick, creamy and nice! I think this is the nicest corn soup i've tried) and either Japanese Wine or a soft drink. No guessing which one I chose.I tried the Wafu Cod Roe pasta, as well as the Cabonara Waraku. I quite liked the Wafu Cod Roe pasta, which wasn't too salty and with lots of little balls of roe.

The carbonara wasn't very impressive - the egg was well cooked (as opposed to runny and stirring it into the sauce) and the sauce tasted very normal. Anyway, the egg is the ex kind i think cos it's so orange - not like the usual eggs you eat else where. This is Annalisa the poster girl posing with her Wafu Scallop and asparagus. Check out the seaweed garnish as opposed to the usual sprig of parsley. ($12.80)This is the Scallop and mentai (roe) gratin ($12.80) which is really good and stole the show - I'm going to eat this the next time i come here! The sauce is creamy and sweet cos of the scallop, and there's lots of roe floating aorund. Really lots and lots and lots of roe. And the cheese is baked to a brown crisp too!This is the Kimchi peppercorn which comes with this interesting hair like garnish. ($12.80). The guys think the portion for the pasta is a little small, but I found it ok. Be warned that the pasta comes in HUGE plates, though the serving isn't very huge. It's about the portion size of pasta mania.

Here's the Carbonara oyster and bacon - the oysters are very fresh and when you eat it, the oyster smell will warft aroud and make everyone salivate. However, there are only 4 oysters which wasn't enough for the person who was eating it...
Another interesting thing is that they always ask you if you want garlic with your pasta - I think it's probably cos Japanese don't really like garlic??
Okay (rather intersting) food with less than okay service - I don't know how the not so junior employees are so retarded - especially when it comes to seating - I suppose if they were any smarter they won't be working here... I think they were just junior to the manager, and more senior than the usual waiters.
But we had really good service by the waitress (I think her name was Elsa)
Ah this is one of the last few pictures I'm taking with my nice Sony Ericsson K750i! It's retiring after 1.5 years and it was my first camera phone! The camera rocks! Nearly all the pictures here are from it:(
Pasta de Waraku
#02-82 The Central
Tel 65348085


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