Saturday, October 20, 2007


Tried Superdog at vivocity cos i had all these coupon voucher things:D anyway, they didn't even collect my discount coupons and still gave me the discount :D:D If not I wouldn't have tried it... much prefer to eat proper food instead.

Well, obviously they specialize in hotdogs - not many hotdog fast food places around here since A&W closed down (the yummy corny dog! ahhh and rootbeer floats). These are the chilli cheese fries (which i didn't try) the chilli looks quite soppy. But apparently it tastes not bad... but i can't say.
The most commendable thing about super dog is that the service is a notch above most fast food restaurants - when we asked for extra sauces they gave us 2 big containsers of tartare sauce, as well as their spicy mayonnaise sauce (which is very nice and tangy and not too creamy).
Grilled fish grilled chicken burgers. The fish was quite unique cos most other fast food places don't have grilled fish. They use the spicy mayonnaise in both the burgers, so they were quite yummy.
Hmm I can't remember what this hotdog is called but it is a chicken sausage with Sauerkraut, fried onions and lots of mustard. It was pretty ex - abotu $5(?). I thought it tasted quite ok, but i'm not exactly a hotdog or a fast food fan so i suppose I won't really go back for this.


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