Saturday, October 20, 2007


After Japanese food, and Italian food I like thai food! Cos it's sour, slightly spicy and yummy - and i like all the thai spices like basil and lemongrass. But good thai food is quite hard to come across and usually I settle for the sushi tei equivalent for thai food - Thai Express. Actually, golden Mile complex has really nice thai food - but it's so far and I'm sure to get lost going there... anyway, I just found this quite nice thai restaurant which has good thai food for much cheaper prices than Thai Express.

Suanthai is this small restaurant located in a very hard to park place just outside erp. The food's quite good (a billion times better than LERK THAI). The lunch set is $7.80 and you can add $2 (I think) for a drink and dessert. The lunch set comes with a starter, a rice dish (steamed, pineapple or olive rice), a side dish and vegetables. This is the mango salad and thai fish cakes. I like the thai fish cakes cos they have nice little crunchy lemongrass bits in them, and i really like lemongrass (especially lemongrass juice!)
This is the pineapple rice and green curry. The green curry is slightly spicy with the yummy thai spices and creamy coconut milk.The pineapple rice is tasty and one of the better ones i've eaten - its full of pineapples, and has the slight curry taste and there's lots of egg inside!
I usually like the olive rice better than the pineapple rice, but I thought the pineapple rice was much nicer than the olive rice. The side dish that i tried was the chicken with cashew nuts.

Dessert was red ruby - found this a bit too sweet, but nevertheless, it helped cool down my mouth after the spicy meal.

Suanthai also has a buffet menu of 23 dishes including green mango salad, pomelo salad, thai fish cake, tom yum soup wiht chicken, green curry, panang curry, pandan leaf chicken, chicken with basil leaves (i like this dish!) etc etc. There's also 3 desserts to choose from (or you can eat ALL) - the red ruby, tapioca with coconut milk and mixed fruits. Lunch buffet is priced at $14.90++ and dinner is $16.90++.
From what i sampled during lunch, I have quite high hopes for the buffet :D
YOu can add $1.50 for a free flow of pineapple fried rice too!

101 Killiney Road
Tel 62354126

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